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Whiteboard Animation with Inventive Appeal

What You Do Told in a Way That Makes People Care

Latest Work

In March 2023 Scott's distinctive whiteboard animations helped launch an innovative supply chain solution at a global trade show. Here's a few screengrabs.

Aligning With Your Brand

Whiteboard style animations can easily be customised to reflect a businesses brand identity. In the example above, the border, font, and colours used in the illustrations, were all 'on-brand'.

From The Vault

Even without the use of colour, or other brand cues, whiteboard animations like the following three examples, are still able to create strong emotional connection.

Client: Scott's - a GSK supplement brand

Client: White Swan - a charity founded by Black Swan Data

Client: Lambert Smith Hampton - One of the UK's leading property consultancies

Animated Loops

Sometimes a short looped animation is all that is required, especially effective on brand sites and social media. Can be provided as an animated GIF or conventional video format.

New Service

Product Visions, User Journeys & More

Looking to sell your vision? Scott's concept illustrations will help do that. Whether you are looking to visualise user journeys, use cases, UI concepts or advertising concepts, this service is for you.

Get in Touch

For more information, timings, and an idea of costs send Scott a message.

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If you would like to discuss a project with Scott, over Zoom or Teams, please book a 'consultation'.


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