About Hand Drawn Tech

And Scott Bedford - Creator, Illustrator, Author

First Steps

Scott has drawn machines, contraptions and gadgets for as long as he can remember. As a child, the Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon cartoons left a lasting impression, not Dick Dastardly and Mutley, but rather the wacky cars and aeroplanes.

Early Accolades

Aged 8, Scott entered a national art competition sponsored by Kraft cheeses. He won his age category with an inventive drawing of a cheese factory, boasting a Rude Goldberg style production line (his prize was a visit to children's TV art icon, Tony Hart, at the BBC's Bristol studios).

Professional Accolades

Alongside a career as a Creative Director, Scott authored and illustrated three books and is currently working on no. 4. He has won many creative awards, and had one of his signature illustrations published in the prestigious Creative Review Illustration Annual.

Hand Drawn Tech

Encouraged by positive client feedback, Scott was convinced there was a market for his whimsical low-tech creations. So, in June 2022 he launched Hand Drawn Tech, a place to licence his inventive illustrations or to commission new ones.

As a reaction to the impersonal look of digital illustrations, recently there has been a renewed interest and demand for traditional techniques…

- Graphic Artists Guild Handbook

Get in Touch

Use the chat function to leave a message, you'll be asked to leave an email address. Scott will normally reply within 12 hours, often much sooner.


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