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Who They Are For

If you are someone looking for an engaging and authtentic way to explain or demonstrate your product or service to your customers, Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are for you.

AI computer with brain analysing social data to predict trends

Why They Are On-Trend

This quote from the Graphic Artists Guild handbook explains, better than I can, why Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are so on-trend...

One of the biggest trends currently affecting illustration is the desire for a more artful aesthetic in branding... originally led by boutique brands... it has now caught on with the big brands, who want to be more appealing and stay relevant to their consumer... to the point that illustration is playing a much bigger role than photography in branding

- Graphic Artists Guild Handbook 16th Edition

Why They Are So Effective

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are perfect for explaining complex ideas (actually, any ideas) and are proven in boardrooms and loved by consumers. Here's 9 reasons why they are so effective...

No. 1: Seductive

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations, with their low-tech charm, are disarmingly persuasive.

Cyber terrorist stealing data from a highly secure data silo

No. 2: Authentic

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are drawn by hand, so are not perfect, and scream authenticity.

Human assisted robot delivers online food order by lifting off roof

No. 3: Versatile

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations can bring-to-life almost any idea or concept, however abstract.

Tough-nut cracking machine with computerised hydraulic hammer

No. 4: Descriptive

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations, with their use of familiar low-tech objects, are easy to understand.

Competing businesses (in the form of boxing robots) fight it out

No. 5: Unique

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are bespoke, and ensure you stand apart from the competition.

Four smart homes connected to a floating cloud server by pipes

No. 6: Dynamic

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations incorporate mechanical elements that can be easily animated.

No. 7: Evergreen

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations are not slavish to current trends and will remain fresh indefinitely.

Eyeball connected to a computer analyses marketing communications

No. 8: Customisable

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations work with almost any brand colour, even pink!

Person wearing a jet pack assembles pipes using robotic tools

No. 9: Proven

Hand Drawn Tech illustrations have been successfully used to market products and win business.

Conflict resolution meeting between a women, man and mediator

Where They Can Be Used

Here’s a few places where inventive illustrations can make a difference:

Traditional advertising and marketing

Social media posts and online content

Branding, corporate identity and packaging

Company/product origin stories and visions

Developing and enhancing company culture

Proposals, pitches and presentations

Events, trade shows and experiential

How To Get Them


Licensing & Commissioning

To use one of my illustrations, you can either license an existing illustration, or commission a totally new illustration. To get a quote, or to discuss a project, please use the chat feature to get in touch.

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